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(Using 2013 numbers statistic's because of incomplete and debated current analysis)

Who are the good/moral/decent people in America?

2013 GWP totalled USD$87.25 trillion according to the World Bank.
US GNP stood at 16,967,740 that same year.
US GDP 16,768 just under the EU GDP at 17,990 billion.
Americans gave $335.17 billion in charity.
That is barely 2% of the GNP.
2012 and 2013, giving by corporations dropped an estimated 1.9 so that corporate giving as a percentage of corporate pre-tax profits was at 0.8% in 2013.
Not even 1%.
The 2% was given by the 99% of the working-class.

Your welcome planet Earth, hate the corporations not the American people.

You can argue class rhetoric, but math and factual history is on the side of the people.
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Change from one inert movement to the next petered out commercial endeavor....
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In the west, he, will make his gathering at the struck city.
Oh, proud one he will be, beloved of the Meridian's.
Under the keeper of the light all can see.
She, will enable his ruse and shelter those who know it.


Abandon the path of the new thinkers.
They rot at the root so the branch crumbles.
As the holy one is forgotten in celebration.
They klavern as they worship the beast.


Murderer, he sits with a mighty stature.
The many see only his deeds.
They know too late his truth.
Forsaken the world shall burn.


A liar, he pins insanity.
On a whim he makes, his, verses.
Disguising a blue tongue.
He, vomits forth a reckoning.


In the night it was born to man.
To ignite the fuel of unbalanced hate.
And knowing it for untruth they accept it nonetheless.
The God of their fathers is forbidden.


In a time not far beyond us.
The plot is spread by the sword.
A horde comes from the south and the east.
And the defender is besieged.


A vanquished foe emerges with fire on his blade.
His nostrils bellow sparks as if a blacksmiths anvil.
The warning is in vain.
No champion is found to oppose him.


The innocent are given to, Baal.
His new church rises across the Rhine.
The mistress of hell laps like a dog the filth of her vanity.
A sour people arise to spoil the Earth.


New knowledge of the ancient world extended comes to light.
The book holders contest it.
The proof that saves is hidden away.
They, lock it in a vault deep and tell no one.


The shining star is dimmed in the west.
The moon rises over the place where once there was hopefulness.
The sons of Ham eat the flesh of Japheth under the rule of Shem.
Chaos abides in the great land nine and eighty seasons.


The Bible is brought to trial.
The Sultan is among the judges.
The verdict make many wail in horror.
So begins the whole Earth to war.


The island kingdom falls to the demon it summoned.
In Egypt a figure of woe is seen.
Eastward a mighty wind rises.
Alas, no one is left there to read the signs.


The apple falls and makes a sane people hubric.
They trust not in the wisdom of the past.
By numbers they make of them selves new tellings.
The farce makes all of damnation smile.


In a whisper all ages are hushed.
The new man, marks, his powerful thoughts.
No one questions his truths.
Though his words are not new none can tell.


A prophet arisen is hounded for lies.
His, defenders are too few to prevent it.
They take him to the river to drown him.
He vanishes and they then believe.


The people wonder at the coming of others.
They land as a leaf fallen gently.
Not a person alive takes it for a warning.
Onlookers give glory to the planets and the stars.


She, slithers and licks the ears of all men of power.
Her cunning is in her waistcoat.
Her breasts are choice and do cause many to lust.
They forget she is of the Devil.


Times and half a time pass.
The serpents blood is revealed.
The many see no wrong.
Soon after the sun burns men aplenty to embers.


Simple thought is expunged.
The world closes her ears to reason.
She hears only the sound of her own voice.
There are none who remember logic.


A fountain is found to make the old young.
The young taste of it and do not age.
They delight in their fortunes in momentary bliss.
But the needy are scorned and trodden under them.


A cry issues from the darkness and, God, hears it.
His light comes back to those cowering in shadows.
New genius is born to the world.
They are confident in the jubilee.


In the return of the cross the moon is stricken from the high parapet.
Its star fades as the new Templar's take arms.
A tenth crusade takes the city of David from the children of his line.
The brutal demolish a once sacred portion with fire from the skies.


The new temple rises as the world seeks unity.
The sultanate recants its evils so its people might be cleansed.
All power rests in the hands of a few.
In pestilence, only one is left to lead.


From a goodly crown, he, rises like a dragon.
The nations bow low to the teacher.
He has much good to sew in the world.
They see too late his design.


A dark omen goes by unread at the feast of plenty.
The sullen one is revealed.
All kings kneel to his scepter.
The turmoil that begins pales all others.
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Hearken not low fiend of distemper

Thy sheathe is marred with stains

Of them you've slain to end your own pain

How so art thou different

Mention not the thing done thee

When ye do likewise upon thy foes

Thy words are poison as them ye hate

For not that ye say doth better make

A wound thou didst open with bile

Heard by another who doth then revile

Markest the cause and blame no other

For the blood on thy hands is the blood of thy brothers
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: Camulos
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Islam is a cult of Satan.
Muslims are a faithful ruled by fear.
Shariah Law is a system of terror control.
Apostates need our protection.
The numbers of Muslims worldwide need thinning.
Christian culture is not similar nor comparable to Islamic tyranny.
Islam has made no contributions to the world in the modern age.
Radicals are the norm and not the exception.
Believers fear to leave the cult under threat of death.
The Koran is a book of death and sin.
Mohammed was a common thug.
Only I.S.I.L. is honest about the Muslim religion.
Muslims kill gay men while using them sexually.
Women are cattle.
Child rape is condoned by their book.
The Templar's were right to murder every Muslim when they took Jerusalem.
Jesus is not a slave to Allah.
God's true name is not Allah.
Muslims send their children to die.
Muslim husbands mutilate and kill their wives free of reprisal.
Muslim parents murder their children free of reprisal.
Muslim's murder non-Muslims free of reprisal.
Islam thinks its the only sect who can be offended.
The last Caliphate extended from Romania to Cordoba.
They want the next one to own the globe.
All science and technology will regress under Islamic rule.
Only the leaders in Islam live free lives.
The people of Islam can't imaging freedom because of their faith.
Muslims judge men with fallible logic and execute them for not knowing their insanity.
Muslims would take your daughters and wives and gang rape them until death or enslave them.
All non-Muslims are considered beasts and not men.
Muslims lie openly to defend their faith and other Muslims.
Islam is far from a religion of peace.
The news media is Muslim friendly.
The governments pander to Islam because of the oil held by Muslim nations.
Muslims use our democracy to further their insidious goals.
Under shariah there is no democracy.
Under shariah there is not freedom of speech.
Pretending Islam is not evil will not stop its spread or change its nature.
Western tolerance is not shared by Islamic mindsets.
Fear of offense is not excuse for suppression of the truth about Islam.
There is only one "SATAN" and "MOHAMMAD" is his "MESSENGER".
Those beheaded by Muslims are the real martyrs.
9/11 is the basic proof of how much Muslims respect life.
It is a lie to say that only a handful of Muslims are extremists.
They are a handful only because Muslims are so numerous.
The extreme of the religion would kill the moderates if they could.
Shariah is supported by Mohammad, and authored by him and his proceeding clerics.
Muslims can not be trusted to live under peace agreements.
Muslims blame the west for their own instigation.
Muslims who do not engage in Jihad are not true believers.
Christians and Jews are the same enemy to Islam.
Atheists are seen as Christians by Muslims.
The Trinity is seen as three gods and not the three parts of the one true God by Islam.
The Koran teaches its following how to argue against Jewish and Christian teachings.
Islamic inventions in the middle ages were derived from the battlefield and were copies of much older technology.
Islam is the religion of the plunderer.
While we have lost our faith the Muslims have never wavered and still want us dead.
To defend the weak who wish to live free to worship how they will champions must step forward.
To remove the evil temples to the devil Allah from Jerusalem is the holiest endeavor man could undertake.
We should bolster Christian nations and found them where the populations exist in Islamic states.
We should not feel ashamed of a justified hatred for the false message of Islam.
To die in defense of freedom and democracy is not foolish nor is it unwarranted.
It is not unchristian to kill Muslims engaging in Jihad.
Defending Israel is every Christian's duty.
The Islamic world shows us every day why the crusades had to be launched in the first place.
We did not loose the Crusades.
We failed to hold the kingdom against all of the Islamic world after 100 years dominion over it using a modest European force.
Christian warriors have the "Moral Law" as spoken of by Sun Tzu.
Playing and acting like the world is one family will not end the threat to it by Islam.
We can not trust the rich who seek to profit off the fall of the west to Islam.
They will die as well in the end but they can only see dollar signs in the now.
To oppose the influence and spread of Islam is a Christan "warriors" duty.
A Christian "warrior" is not living the "ideal" life according to the Bible in contrast to the Koran.
But as a bloody man of war he is forgiven in that he fights so his fellow man might live for it.
We are not "good" Christians if we take up arms but even a beaten dog bites back eventually.
We are "not" worthy of heaven because we kill unbelievers.
Only the "grace" of God saves us sinners for we are "all" unworthy and have fallen short.
But we will not rape or enslave Muslim women and children.
We will simply kill them to destroy their fathers twisted code of laws carried on by the culture.
Converts to Christianity should be monitored for the remainder of their lives for dishonesty.
Muslims should be barred from immigration and assimilation into western societies they neither support nor understand.
We will die by the sword for living by it but we will take many Muslims to the grave before our deaths.
Crusaders unite and stand strong for we are called such by the Islamic world even if we live in peace.
Muslims rape babies of both sexes and their false prophet did the same.
They call him a model example for life when he was a murderer and a pedophile rapist and robber.
How can the Muslim seeking the true faith do less?
Those who call Islam a peaceful religion have not read its teachings.
Not believing in any religion will not help you reason with or sway Muslims to join your one world idea.
A thousand year peace with Muslims would end in Jihad.
You can not arm Muslims to fight Muslims and not expect them to fight you.
Islam and unbelief are the same cancer of the world.
Christian culture and its opposition within is what led to the modern world we enjoy.
Without the Christian faith western democracy would not exist.
Nor would industrialization.
Nor would the internet.
Freedom of speech would never have happened if the founders of the United States had been Muslim.
The Constitution is a Christian document that allows all faiths to flourish and so is our downfall.
The Islamist agenda uses this against us to call us unjust when we single them out for their barbarity.
The reason we can not get legislation for communal Christian social reforms is that Islamic views are upheld by our leadership.
Our free and easy lives once assured by our mutual faith and social identity is all but eroded.
The dumbest act in history was the inception of OPEC as the major oil brokerage of the Middle East.
We effectively bankrolled the hordes of the spirit of anti-Christ.
All that is needed to confirm Revelation is the arrival of the "Son of Perdition".
He will no doubt be Muslim.
Mock me.
Laugh at me.
Cast my thoughts and words aside.
It will make them no less true.
The majority of the world will condemn my opinion.
Not surprising when most of the world is Muslim.
I'm a voice in the wilderness.
A shunned messenger of the truth too hard to contemplate.
We dream of flights to stars we will never see.
We trust in logic that will leave us sorry we gave up on our savior.
In the end the Islamic world will rule as one religion because of the weakness of the west.
Misdeeds of the Vatican and the arian have insured our own people are divided.
One leader will arise.
One master of mankind will set up his utopia.
And it will devolve into tyranny.
When he declares war on Israel for the final battle to make all of the planet Muslim God will act.
While we ask where God is in all of it he is awaiting the plan already detailed.
As we see no reason in reading ancient scriptures.
Equating blasphemy with the word of God.
As we call Christ's sacrifice self-righteous.
We haven't changed since the 1st Century.
We still deny him and nail his truths to the trees.
We deserve all we get.
But for now we should fight.
Crusader indeed.


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(Using 2013 numbers statistic's because of incomplete and debated current analysis)

Who are the good/moral/decent people in America?

2013 GWP totalled USD$87.25 trillion according to the World Bank.
US GNP stood at 16,967,740 that same year.
US GDP 16,768 just under the EU GDP at 17,990 billion.
Americans gave $335.17 billion in charity.
That is barely 2% of the GNP.
2012 and 2013, giving by corporations dropped an estimated 1.9 so that corporate giving as a percentage of corporate pre-tax profits was at 0.8% in 2013.
Not even 1%.
The 2% was given by the 99% of the working-class.

Your welcome planet Earth, hate the corporations not the American people.

You can argue class rhetoric, but math and factual history is on the side of the people.
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