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A Real World Without Jews by Valkaneer
A Real World Without Jews

Note: (RE stands for the year as "Regulus Ephorus" meaning - 'King Magistrate', but would come to mean 'Republican' or 'Roman Era' for many common people. It was incepted by, Gaius Marius, during his 8th and final Consulship of Rome, when he set up the dictatorial Republican Consulship in the cursus honorum. This more lasting and democratic means of electing an emperor would serve as the greatest unifying force in the republic, and by the time of, Caesar, meant Pompeius Magnus, ruled the East as Caesar was free to take as much of the Western world as he could with Rome's blessing.

Since there was no Carthage, and Etheopia was more established than Egypt by the time of, Megas Alexandros, he never built Alexandria and Ptolemy never ruled there. Instead he ruled in Mesopotamia, so that the time of, Gaius Marius, was a war of swift conquest from the Iberian north to Canaan. He was initially elected several times to defeat the mighty Numidian Kingdom under, Jugurtha, and his final election was merely to consolidate the empire he and, Publius Sulpicius Rufus, had nearly single-handedly forged for Rome.

He made many changes beyond his Marian Reforms in the Legions, one of which was the new time keeping from the dawn of the new, Republican Era.)

NOTE: This is just a practice of alternate history, not meant to offend anyone. I am also strongly against antisemitism or any form of racism.

Unsurprisingly, the Jewish people have been very influential in both ancient and recent history. In fact, they've been a huge player in global politics and religion. But then, since Jews have been so influential to our modern world, especially with the infamous Holocaust, the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the rift between Jews and Arabs that is going on to this day, the spread of antisemitism since Nazi Germany and a Jewish state while a Palestinian claim to the land is championed, being the primary reason of the rise of Islamic fanaticism which resulted in the “War on Terror”; it makes somebody think: what if that all changed? What if as an exercise of alternate history, we ask a question…

What if Jews never existed?

What if in an alternate timeline, the Jewish people were simply never born? How would this have changed the course of not only ancient history, but the modern days as well? How would religion struggle? What would the entire planet be like in the alternate world?

Here's one scenario.

In this alternate timeline, the Jews never descended into this world. This could be multiple reasons; either Isaac was never born to the fact that Sarah was never chosen by God to have a child, or Abraham successfully sacrificed his own son. Whatever the reason, let's just say Jews are simply never born and their contribution to history, such as the resulting religions of Judaism and Christianity, and their impact on the ancient world's greatest empires, is removed as well. The point is taking Jews out of the equation would make the history of the world very, VERY different.

The peaceful claiming of the 'Holy Land' by Abraham and his native Amorite allies, the years of drought that drove the migration into Goshen, the Exodus from Egypt, the heavily contested trek through Sinai, Arabia, and Midian, the re-conquest of Canaan/'the Promised Land' under Joshua, the Law of Moses, Jesus' ministry, Islam and the Five Pillers of the Faith, the birth of the Prophet at all, the uprovoked and brutal holy war on Jewish, Coptic, and Othodox Catholic lands in North Africa, Egypt, Judea, Spain, Greece, the Crusades to return the Biblical lands to the Roman instated faith the local peoples had lawfully chosen 650 years before the barbaric Muslim conquests… everything would be entirely different. Even culture and the progress of technology.

There is no certain scenario how the world would play out without the Jews. So, this would be difficult to determine, calculate, and put in here. But there are still some speculations to be made.


Non-Jewish World Alternate Timeline

15000-4000 BC – Various peoples arose across the world, mainly in the Middle East, Egypt, China and India. In Mesopotamia, the Sumerians, Hittites, Assyrians and Akkadians flourished in the Fertile Crescent region.

3300 BC – The Kingdom of Egypt declined after a series of several years of drought they were not prepared for, following several years of bountiful harvest that lulled them into a false sense of security. They would never recover, as the Medianites, the Kingdom of Kush, and Etheopia all conqured seperate regions, the dynastic line was eventually extinguished. No Jews in Goshen to defend the eastern buffer leading into Canaan, meant the Hittites took most of the Sinai and lower Egypt's East.

490 BC – The Persian Empire, was a shadow of itself after the brutal civil wars fought with the rival Medes. Since the Hebrews never bacame a servant sect of the Persian Empire for more than 400 years, it's royal line was not as wise nor stately as it was under the lineage from, Esther. Soon, Persia went to war with Greece and the outcome was vastly different, as it fought on two fronts, and Sparta took most of Anatolia founding the first of the major Greek dynasties in Asia Minor.

In 105 BC – The Roman Republic's war with Numidia and Mauretania was won at great cost to the army under, Sulla, who was able to play them against one another to eventually leave Numidia in ashes. Gaius Marius, rumored to be the man who truly captured their Knig Jurgutha, was sent to the Northern frontier where he orchestrated the defeat of three Gemanic tribes.

He sighted major problems with the military structure, after 80,000 Roman's were killed in one of those battles. Upon his victory over the threats, he was made consul to defeat them, and in three years he had defeated 2 major armies leaving 100,000 dead barbarians on those fields. The Germans fled Gaul and Italy for good, and Marius reformed the noble commanders positions, the unit types and army composition, the payment of veteran soldiers, and went on to conquer the whole of North Africa and ended life waging a bloody war in Macedonian Persia by 82 RE. Since the Canaanites never took to the sea's to found Carthage under the direction of Solomon's ecomonic alliance in Tyre, and the Poeni tribe faded into obscurity, there was never a Punic War, and Rome spread unchecked to dominion of the, Western and Southern Mediterranean. The only real opposition came from the Macedonian League in Persia under Ptolemaic control.

100s a.t.b. / 200's-500's RE - After Hellenic Persia was sacked and made a province of Rome under Pompeius Magnus, the empire expanded North into Germania and Scandia from Caesar's Gaulish holdings, and East into Sarmatia where they took in Alan tribes as refugee's fleeing the Hun's. By 286 RE, they were at war with the Hun's under, Ellactan, not the legendary king, Attila, who was to be born some 148 years later. And the Southern Indus Valley was being probed by tribunes looking for fresh conquests. By 355 RE, the Roman's were joined in their efforts by the Gothic tribe's they had displaced from Germania and Scandia more than 200 years prior. They had become legion foederati and were now attatched to the lands in the east given for military service to the Republic. When they heard the tales of the Alan's and saw how grand an army they made with the Alan cavalry joining the alliance, they threw in with Rome once again, and fought the Horde of the Hun's to a standstill. As a result, the Hunnic Empire was restricted from achieving a hold on the Balkan's and focused on expanding south on the fragile boarders with Roman Persia.

540 a.t.b. / 485 AD – The eastern border reached China's Wei & Han Dynasty, and unified the once rival kingdoms against a barbarian threat. A combined army of 300,000 was sent under the Wei Emperor Xiaowen, to repel an expeditionary legion of 40,000. They fought for twenty years, through the harshest mountain terrain in South Central Asia. The invaders on the retreat in every engagement to allow Roman settler's to flee behind them. The Roman's withdrew thousands of citizens and soldiers to the Sarmatian front and held firm on the edges of Mesopotamia where the Tigris and Euphrates join. The Chinese forced contented to call this a victory, withdrew back to China, and allowed the former Roman lands to fall into Turkic and Hindi petty states. The Roman's, fearful of bleeding manpower on three fronts, let this stand as they licked their wounds. All their might was then diverted to the choak point on the Tigris, or to the war several hundreds of miles north of that point in Sarmatia Asiatica. That war would rage off and on for the next several centuries.

Early 2nd millennium RE – As a result Europe's influence was entirely divided between Dagda, Norse, Asiatic, and Greeco-Latin Paganism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism. The Roman Empire/Republic never wavered, thus, no feudal system ever emerged in Europe. With Goth backing, the east remained a buffer zone of almost constant war. Rus tribes fled the Roman conquests in Jutland at around 656 RE, and crossed the Baltic to found a new Nordic Kingdom where Turkic, Nordic, and Siberian bloodline mingled. They were never unified under Orthodox Catholicism, and so never expanded under "The Great Commission" of the Tsar's to spread the faith of Christianity across Siberia. The native herdsmen of the steppes kept their culture and religions, and flurished to become an equal power in the region. They drove the peaceful Yukaghir primitives to the far Eastern Coasts, and eventually they became a seafaring culture, who set sail for North America at around 954 RE. They came into contact with the native peoples, some even joining these groups, sharing much knowledge and myth to become a new people. By 1100, the Aleut tribes were spreading along the North West Coast of America. Rome's stalemate with the Eastern Power's caused them to lax their hatred and become more tolerant of the Celtic tribes native to Hibernia and Caledonia. A relative peace had existed for roughly 400 years between the still fierce and independant Pictish tribes, and the Roman overlords. In 1005 RE, they withdrew back to the wall in Northern Britannia, and allowed limited settling back on the Hibernian homeland, they enlisted them to fight in the north and east as legionary foederati.

In 986 RE, Scandian explorer's from the settlement at Snowland, sailed west under their exiled leader, Erik the Red, and founded a new settlement at Greenland. From there, his son, Leif Erikson, born in Snowland but raised a Greenlander, sailed to Scandia to give his oath to a pirate Jarl. On his return he was blown off course and spotted a greater land with tall alpine tree's. He made plans to go there the next year. Helluland it Mikla, Litla Helluland, and Vinland were discovered in 1000 RE. Word was spread to the Celtic tribes who spoke common tongues they used to interrogate war captives on the Scandi mainland. They kept this knowledge secret from their Roman masters. By 1012, they had made secret leagues with Norse pirates in the Orkney's, and crossed the Atlantic to establish colonies as free tribes once again. The Dagda (All Father) League was founded in 1021 RE, as a Celtic Nordic confederation in Vinland. They made contact with several native groups, but ran afoul of the local Thule Tribes, they allied with the Penobscot tribes, and destroyed them in the fist conflict between European's and Native American's. The claimed land was now considered a holy place, and Celtic for all time. They introduced much new technology to the primitive natives, but by 1140 RE, most of the Vinii nations were sophisticated Iron Age cultures.

1300's RE – Mongols, led by Genghis Khan and his family and generals, trespassed into the Hunnic lands and were brutally beaten by the mighty Hun army. The Mongols invaded in force the next year, and captured the heartland in a steady and methodical advance, cutting the empire into two parts. The Hun's made peace and joined them as confederates in 1333 RE. They pushed into the formerly Roman East, as they took the Fertile Crecent and the whole of Capodochia. But Roman resolve and centuries of war against the mounted lightning warfare of the steppes had prepared them well for the great horde. The Mongol's devoted their efforts to the North of the unified Qin, and were held in Southern Manchuria at great cost. Persia had a bit of a rebirth in this age, as they were left to reunify their former lands with a Turkic tribal backing supported by the Mongols.

1800's Modern Era:

The world without a Dark Age in Europe, had no Renaissance. Without Islam or advanced Egyptian to Greek mathematic's, the world remained a savage, brutal, unelightened place for many centuries more. Rome, in her eternal way, was a pragmatic culture, slow to advance, but brilliant in use of all she discovered or borrowed from other peoples. The world in the West stayed a backward, Pre-Medieval-Classical version of itself. It took until the 1700's for the cannon to arrive on the scene, and it wasn't the Christian or Muslim world who discovered it. It was the South East Asian nation of Siam, who first used muskets and cannons in naval and land battles. But Japan developed the same technology by back-engineering and casting it's own style firearm's from captured Siamese designs. Ancient Korean and Chinese ship types were fitted with guns and from piracy in the Pacific, two maritime Asian empires emerged. While the rest of the world was locked in ancient struggles, the Orient was having a Mini-World War over Polynesia and Malaysia. Rome, at last discovered the South American Continent by accident as a ship was blown off course and caught the Atlantic Trade Wind's into the Caribbean Sea. There they encountered the Aztec Culture, a more advanced and angry Aztec culture, who had limited ironworking skills, which was being constantly raided by the horse nomads of the Lakota tribes along it's Northern Mexica border. The Roman's set up trade colonies and villas in the New World, exchanging advanced Roman arms for foods, dyes, gold, and jewels. The Aztalan Empire fought back on all it's foes with a passion, and even expanded it's holdings deep into ancient enemy lands in the south. A new era was begun for Rome, and in Africa, the un-Romanized portions in the South, the Zulu Empire, with no white colonial threats spread far into the Congo, on it's way to being a more advanced society. In the East massive change was on the horizon. For both Siam and Japan kept their advanced industrial sciences to themselves outside of the major war fronts. For each side knew, the prize for victory in the Pacific would be a world wide empire.

Why end it in the mid 1800's:

Basically, without Islam, Christianity, and Jewish belief, the greatest religion driving a unified mind focused on the culture and pride of the people it ministers to would be Buddhism. It is a semi-monotheistic faith, teaching the chief virtues missing from the rest of the ancient religions void of Judaism. Zoroastrianism, often said to be the parent of the Jewish faith, and earlier inspired by Egyptian Sun/Aten cults, was not the same. It told the follower that God had twin faces, night day, good evil, light shadow, much like the concept of Ying and Yang in Chinese history that did nothing to prevent the dynastic wars and internal power struggles that lasted centuries. God, was both the devil and the good father. It told man that to serve any aspect was to serve God, and was not posessed of a governing moral code. The Code of Hammurabi was a seperate concept giving law to force morality in the society coupled with the fear of the goddess Ishtar. Buddhism, is more like Judaism, in that it cautions the believer to seek goodness, kindness, healing, and tolerance above chaotic actions. The essentials for advanced community, is a set moral standard, and law can aid this, but the regression of modern society is proof enough that law alone can not create order and trust among humanity as a whole. Without moral adsolutes, the culture devolves. The end of the map signifies that from this point in history, whoever wins the war in the East will drive modernity. Just as the French, Dutch, British, Italian, Prussian, Russian Christian Imperialist powers supressed and imposed their culture over the rest of the world by use of the more advanced weaponry they developed, it is safe and perhaps more prudent to assume from the end of this Oriental war, the map would simply begin to reflect the decline of the other cultures and the rise of one or two mighty imperial dynasties, at the most three, if we say that Manchu Qin China would have the means to keep pace in the new arms race.

The map stops here to let the viewer see where the lack of Jewish influence ends from ancient times to modernity.

To postulate how Jewish influence could effect the post-modern world (which it has most assuredly done) can't be determined from the ancient presupposition that Jew's never existed. Nor can one say any of the recent modernity we enjoy would ever develop without the Jewish geniuses that played pivotal roles in that transitional dynamic.

Europa Rising
The final shift saw the colony firmly rooted on the underside of the ice with the Hab planted in the protective, dense material.

The base was essentially undetectable from orbit, let alone from millions of miles out. Even a repurposed Huble Space Telescope was unable to find the location.

The enemy was blinded and enraged.

But the first planetary colonization was underway.

It was hard to believe how the events had unfolded in so short a span of history. Mind blowing, was the fact that the means used to reach for this destination were thousands of years old.

But the myth's were now more respected. New Eden was a haven for religion. The memory of all the past era's was spared in this tranquil temple to human spirituality. Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam....

All had learned the Jewish people were willing guardians, loving sheperds, and tolerant friends. The harmony and bliss in the new worship services was truly heavenly, monks from Vatican and Tibetan origins mixed their melody with young Muslim men giving the call to prayer.

They now had no doubts about faith in a devine being, and because of how things had went, most of them began to call, Jesus, Lord.

But those who were not sure were not punished or ridiculed by his servants, nor was it considered evil under the law of Moses.

For they all faced the west at service, praying to the planet they had left behind, praying towards Mecca, India, Japan, Jerusalem.

Doubt in the truth was not a cause for conflict, but seen as healthy and natural for those not born under Abraham.

But no one doubted the truth of a Creator, and that was the new era of religion. And while they yet lived, they were praised for offering prayers for the good of all. The energy fueled the colony with a form of living light, causing a communal cooperation unlike any human civilization had ever known.

The Templar's, believed in Christ as that God. They chose to become elite defenders of this new Kingdom of Heaven. Neo-Templar's, were required to be Christian to enter the order, but were permited to wed or befriend any faith.

They'd take their oath to be the first line, piloting the transport crafts back to the surface and continuiang the mining efforts. They built fortresses, missile bases, and blast resistant bunkers deep under the ice, but shallow when compare to the colony city. The demonic forces would never find it, and when they came (for it was sure they would) they would find only willing legions waiting to meet them in space, or on the surface, selling their lives dearly to end all the evil they could.

And so they went into the future, Europan's, a new race, in a new reality....
Europa: The Early Years

Cold, bleak, unforgiving, but in the same moment prestine, sheltering, pure. That was their new mother. She was an extreme of nature, in her worst mood. Winter....

An eternal winter, a cold so harsh that nothing could live on her barren surface. Landing parties joked over the com's that, maybe life had 'chosen' not to get started here at all. But all held out hope for what may lie beneath such panged ice and blighted snows.

Data collected on the makeup of the surface ice revealed a thin (in geological terms) layer of silts anout 1/10 of a mile thick. The glacial ice sheet was burried under this false ground, which was rich in mononucleic elements like zink, copper, silver, platinum, and gold. The consentrations were built up over millions of years after the moon's formation. The Sun's elemental rich burn off, depositing dust from the so named; 'Solar Winds'. Iron was from fragmented meteorites, but anything over a few tons must have broken through and sunken below the oceans. The tech teams began to develop upon previous designs for automated harvester craft, to make use of these precious materials in further craft enhancement.

The obiter was fitted to structurally withstand immense preasures. It had been the plan almost as soon as they arrived to try a third dimensonal blink. Not a blink into the third dimension, but one last jump below the thick crust of Europa. Piloting the craft down a geiser was a topic for about two minutes initially. The flight team even simulated it twenty times, but crashed and burned twenty times....

With surface missions they determined distance and possible locations suitable for the colony. The concept? Displacement.

Unlike the birth of the ark which took place underground, in methodical expansion and construction phases enlarging and reenforcing bunkers. Displacement was a one time transition at 1000 times the speed of light, transfering the material of the ark into the former position of the rocky ice around it. Physic's could never explain fully where the displaced material vanished to. Some say it simultaneously arrived in a location consisting of dark matter in another part of the universe. Or another universe. Or it simply ceased to be. The best anyone could do is guess at the process, from a scientific standpoint.

What was clear, was they had only enough power in the energy cells to do it once, they had a new gate portal in action, theoretically more advanced than previous designs, but the ark's power supply, even with recycleable processing and solar energy storage was not unlimited. The activation of the dimensional blink would drain all of it down to 10%.

Get it wrong, and they might be incased in a frozen tomb somewhere in the miles thick surface ice.

That danger is why the project was thought out and rethought, designed and redesigned, studied and restudied as the harvesters worked endlessly to gather raw ores for storage for 14 years before the attempt.

They made that third daring jump in the year 2111 AD.

Europa Orbit
The devistation of the Lunar base set the evil empire's plans back by at least 150 years. The gates on Earth were all built to use the main portals energy source, as the IDM science corps had discovered during constructing and test phases. Now, the greatest portal energy tech was onboard the ark.

They found themselves in orbit around Europa, the best candidate for outer planetary colonization in the solar system. It was a world of water ice, and liquid sea's. They didn't know what may rest beneath the ice layers, but they had brought many biological samples to seed those oceans if at all possible. If life existed on it's own, they decided to try to manage it and learn to harvest it if they could, but if life was still unique to Earth, it was inevitable a seeding would have to be done.

The years that followed were tranquil but lonely. In the harsh vacuum, the life was sterile, clean, cold. Natural gravity, seasons, day's and nights, sunrises, and tidal effects. Every hour that passed was a reminder of what they had lost to the servants of Hell. As it was written; "Hell hath enlarged itself", and now Eden was a part of that lost realm. In the same thought, every hour that passed was a blessing, a provission to offer at least some hope for a future under God. Prayer had survived. Sanity had survived. Community had in the smallest measure prevailed....

From 2082-2097 they worked tirelessly studying the planet and converting the station for its new task. The NJDF (New Jerusalem Defense Force) broke off into smaller orbital stations well beyond the main orbiter to intercept any threats sent to attack the new colony ship. Some semi-military voyages went on exploration missions to:


But the main focus ramained on the great glacial moon below.

The gate technology was converted to work on positive field generation by a talented physicist, Dr. Segen Meitner. Her work reversed the negitive barrier field into the flux vortex that fed on disharmony and alerted evil entities via demonic energy. The new field, while not a stairway to heaven, actually proved for the first time that a positive plane, a 'third dimension' actually did exist. The total conversion of the gate field generator was transformed to feed off of positive energy, and the effect was astonishing.

Temple was held in the central corridors long before she pioneered the study into an academic proof, but after the engine core was activated, the harmonic resonances of praying and singing congregations lit the station brighter, increased the power output by 85%, caused crops to grow and ripen swifter, and caused the mental soundness of the once bleak population to improve.

It was like finding, God, himself, then harnessing a tiny portion of his glory....
Yafo Project: SSNJ0.1
In the year 2075, Luciferia launched six ICBM's laiden with nuclear and biological payloads. These were detonated in a mocking star pattern around the nation of Israel just beyond their main air defense systems. The fallout swept in, as did the VX gas, killing hundreds of thousands of people. Crops were obliterated and scorched, radiation on the surface reached ungodly levels. The end of Israel had come, but Yafo was hard at work, and luckily, the first systems priority on the commissioned ark project was life support and food allocation.

God, it seemed, had provided an out for the remnant, just as it had always played out in the scriptures. He allowed the nation to be punished for it's crimes against him, and for it's evil's against other men, but the Hebrew people, though he destroy them utterly, yet would he preserve a remnant.

The IDF was not reduced by the losses. In truth, it increased in number as nearly every citizen was activated as a combatant from age 10-50. Defending key sectors of now extensive underground tunnel and bunker systems from direct troop assaults they held fast as the enemy sent vast strikes of inertia bombs from orbital attack platforms, that would penetrate deep underground creating seismic impacts. The bombs were also loaded with VX and other bio agents that would leak out into the resulting cavities created to fill the air within with death.

By 2080, there was no longer any problem with not being able to bring the entire Israeli population onboard the ark....

The operations went dark a year later, when the enemy suddenly marked a drop off in resistance. Special units comprized of demonic hybrids invaded the tunnels finding hardly a single manned outpost. But they found several area's with human remains. The demons of the new world had turned out to be as limited as any mortal being, not the pagan worshiped omnipotent and omnipresent godlike figures of antiquity. At least, not if their target held faith in a benevolent higher being. Faith seemed to blind them, whereas, tracking and invading the bodies of soulless minions was common practice. They could operate any fallen human vessel at any time to be directly involved in conflicts, but they fell victim to their own hubric sense of superiority.

The death scenes they'd found were staged, cadavers of soldiers and enemy dead held in cold storage to be deployed in that very contingency.

In 2082, the Lunar Gate was engaged for the first maiden flight, and the underground behemoth "ark" blinked out of reality to instantly appear over the ancient Lunar Base. The ark's system patched into the Lunar Gate only moments later, before the Luciferian command could even react. As they used the enemy system against itself to blink out of harms way, they launched twenty requsitioned inertia bombs  from the base ports of the station that struck the Lunar surface base and destroyed it utterly.

They reappeared exactly 390, 161, 100 miles/627.64416 km from the point of origin orbiting the Earth's Moon. About 414,000 miles or 670,900 km from the planet, Jupiter.

They had bought themselves much needed time....

NASA Conceptual Image (found art) only the caption is mine.


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Watching the Dr. Who "Day of the Doctor" marathon on BBC America. John Hurt's, spot is smashing! :) He is the old doc, but it seem's the older Dr. Who gets as a series the younger the doc gets. You can tell there is a huge cultural attatchment to this character, not simply the show.

The interaction with David Tennant is funny as heck, but the plot as always is so far (like 80 miles) fetched (with big fat sucker monkeys) I can't really follow or get into it.

I'm beginning to think the bit in the Bible about not pondering endless ideologies is in regards to this bloody show!

It's painfully British humor, and attempting to understand Time Lord's verses the other ridiculous faction in the Time War is making my brain run out of my ears!

I can see why it's such a loved show!

Women are given entirely too much credit for intellect in the scripts on most of the episodes I've ever seen, but on this one it's way over the top (like 500 stories over) and makes it even more laughable. Are English women aware of how condescending it is being towards them? They are simultaneously being sexualized, (by the doctor mostly) no matter how buttoned up the wardrobes are!

The fact that the writers make the ultimate weapons intelligence a woman is a stroke to feminine ego as a prelude to the smack on the queen's ass in the 1500's, which reveals the whole sham as male centric slapstick! Actually, I find that all rather cheeky and brilliant! My God, I'm transforming!

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