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Showcasing my art, and my writing on various subjects, but centered mainly on my books. The 'Epica' series.

Book 1: Epica: The Ballad of the Nwyrrin
Book 2: Epica: Sons of Teren
Book 3: Epica: The Red Lady
Book 4: Epica: The Fall of Gunru

One out and the others completed and set for publication.

Get book one here:

Or if you have an Amazon account? Just go to: 'Books' & put in; "Epica: The Ballad of the Nwyrrin" to get it! :)

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Paul Ryan's Privatization Plan is the same Plan the Koch Brothers published in 1980, then again in 1983, from their propaganda-mill, CATO Institute. I should note here, that the 1980's Koch Brother's Privatization Plan was also the same Privatization Plan President G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney tried to con American's into in 2005.

As you will learn after reading this Diary, the Koch Brother's web of deceit in trying to Privatize America's Social Security has been being woven for 32 years. Paul Ryan and now Mitt Romney are trying to usher in the Koch Brother's 1980's Privatization Scheme.

One important fact to remember about the
, Romney/Ryan Koch Privatization Plan, is that their Privatization Plan still requires working Americans to pay a payroll tax -- only their payroll    tax will not go to the traditional Social Security plan.

Under the Romney/Ryan Koch Privatization Plan, the American Worker's payroll tax will go to bankers and insurance companies who would use Taxpayer money to gamble on Wall Street with no guaranteed payout's.

This is the biggest embezzlement plot in the history of humanity. Now the mega rich wont even risk their own money in the markets..they will risk, John Q Public's!!

Vote democrat not because they are superior in ethics or anything you think I want you to vote for them for!

Vote democrat to keep the wolves/corporocrats/sharks out of the social programs that are set up to take care of American's after retirement!

That is bad enough, but that's the tip of an iceberg sized turd!

In 2005, we all remember (or should remember) Paul Ryan and senator John Sununu (son of Mitt Romney surrogate John Sununu) when they drafted House Resolution 1776 (what a number for a plan for remodeling America) titled, Social Security Personal Savings Guarantee and Prosperity Act of 2005, that would have had people under 55 years old divert roughly half their payroll taxes, 6.2%, away from the traditional Social Security program placing it into private banks so they could invest it in stocks and bonds   .

Ryan said his plan would guard against wild swings in the Stock Market by moving people out of Stocks and into Government Bonds as they approached retirement.

In 2010, Paul Ryan wrote House Resolution 6110 which was, and is, the Koch Brother's Privatization Plan that would end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. People under 55 years old would have half of their Payroll Taxes, 6.2% diverted away from the traditional Social Security program and put their Payroll Tax money into private Banks    to be invested in stocks and bonds.

Adding to that risk:

Paul Ryan and the GOP let America Default. Government Bondsare tied to the strength of a government's currency and ability to pay their Debts. Under a Ryan-Type Government Bond, the elderly would have 
lost all they had when Paul Ryan and the GOP allowed America to Default and lose it's credit rating.

Remember how much money the People lost in their 401k Retirement Plans during the 2007 Economic Meltdown Bush and Cheney couldn't prevent/caused by not even trying too prevent it?

In 2011, Paul Ryan wrote House Resolution 4529: "A Roadmap For America's Future Act" which was, and is, the Koch Brother's Privatization Plan that would end Social Security and Medicare    as we know it.

The plan would take 5.1%of each working American's payroll taxes, under the age of 55 years old, and give it to bankers to gamble in stocks and bonds on Wall Street. Sweet deal for bankers, huh? Romney/Ryan/Koch Privatization is as tied to inflation as Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard.

What's next? The educated minds who aren't sold-out to huge money interests don't even have to ask that question. The plutocracy doesn't even do a good job hiding its indolent agenda anymore. Its like they are either growing lazy as elitist masterminds or they just think the liberal blockers are getting more mildly retarded over time. Either opinion is wrong and an insult not only to the seats across the floor, but to all working people in this country and abroad working their sweatshops.

In 1980 David Koch ran for Vice President on the ticket with Ed Clark.

Also, in 1980, the Koch Brothers paid their then-CATO employee, Peter Ferrara, to pen the Koch Privatization Plan and to "sell" it to the American public by calling it, "Family Security Plan". (So please, do not be surprised if you start hearing the Romney/Ryan/Koch Privatization Plan called, "Family Security Plan.")

1983: Reagan Pissed off Privatization Supporters:

In 1983 President Ronald Reagan dramatically raised Payroll Taxes, Social Security/Medicare Taxes, on employees and employers. And -- in addition to raising the payroll taxes, Reagan brought in a whole new class of recipients, new federal workers, to the system. Not only that, Reagan's Security/Medicare Tax was not tied to inflation.

At that time, former Koch employee, Peter Ferrara, was actually working in Reagan's Administration but Ferrara quit the Reagan Administration after Reagan raised Payroll Taxes.

You see, naturally, when Reagan embraced Social Security and Medicare by raising Payroll Taxes and added Federal workers to the system Peter Ferrara got pissed off and quit.

1983: Koch Brothers re-publish Their Privatization Scheme in Outline Form:

The Koch Brothers also got pissed off at Reagan for securing Social Security/Medicare for all generations so, in 1983, they used their propaganda-mill, the CATO Institute, to re-publish Peter Ferrara‘s 1980 Privatization Plan only this time, they published the piece in an Outline form so politicians could use it to eliminate Social Security/Medicare once and for all.

Ferrara's plan, re-published by Koch Brothers, required dividing the Public:

First, we must recognize that there is a firm coalition behind the 
present Social Security system   , and that this coalition has been very 
effective in winning political concessions for many years. Before Social
Security can be reformed [Privatized], we must begin to divide this coalition and cast doubt on the picture of reality it presents to the general public.

~Peter Ferrara 1980 quote in; Achieving A "Leninist" Strategy, Published in CATO (page 2 of 15)

There is a twisted socialist agenda out there, my beloved but sadly misled republican friends. But its not in Obama's wing of the White House, neither is it a beneficial and Democracy friendly "communist" sector in the Democratic Party out to hand back money to the poor like our hero, Robin Hood.

Take it from a "communist"!

Leninism, is Social Dictatorship crafted around the promise of equality through centralized funds. The American private sector embedded in government is out to create the monopolization of all wealth so they can oppress the working classes of every industry. Just as they took policy stations and local departments from the communist idea, they also want the central national bank, so the bourgeois elite can crush the proletariat under heel!

And if they can suppress revolution/peaceful-democratic-social-evolution, long enough to get full automation in factories, they will do away with labor employment altogether. They will have their means of production absent the middle to upper middle class. Secure job holders today, happy with their position in society today will join the lowest classes and be no different in the eyes of corporate America. 

Republicans are expediting their fundraising plans after learning that AARP, the influential seniors group that supported Bush's Medicare program    but opposes his Social Security designs, spent $5 Million in the first two weeks of that month attacking the former president's plan to allow younger workers to invest part of their Social Security contributions in the stock market. Both sides saying the fight could eventually become the most expensive lobbying Campaign Washington has witnessed because the stakes are so high for Businesses and taxpayers and the issue is so complex for most Americans. The fight continues, but under the unlawful Supreme Court ruling that forces American's to view corporate boards as people rather than big interest, the ability of the right-winger's is gaining steam in the GOP's broader base.

The GOP and its allies want to change the system by allowing some workers to put a percentage of their payroll taxes into private investment accounts.

The use of the word, "voidable" highlights and underscores that Koch Brother's then-employee Peter Ferrara think the Social Security system does not have the force of law, and the system does not have to pay its retirees their benefits.

The Koch Brothers, through their CATO, have been screaming since 1980 that Social Security will go belly-up, and they have been wrong every time. In March, 1992, Koch's released Cato Policy Report 14 with the provocative title: “Will the Social Security System Survive till 2001?

Chile's Privatization Scheme and the Koch Brothers:
1995: Koch Brother's Employ Author of Chile's Failed Privatization Plan:

In 1995, Koch Brother's through CATO established the Project for Social Security Privatization.  They brought in George Shultz, the butcher of Chile’s Social Security system and Jose Pinera, to be co-chairman. (In 1973, Shultz’s network installed General Pinochet as dictator of Chile in a coup-massacre) and in 1981, under those conditions, Pinera privatized the Chile’s Social Security system, which banks have since looted.

Koch Brothers Outline Additional Plan for Politicians:

"A political strategy to achieve basic reform of the Social Security system in the fashion suggested by Peter Ferrara. There are two main elements to this strategy. The first element consists of a Campaign to achieve small legislative changes that embellish the present IRA system, making it in practice a small-scale private Social Security system that can supplement the federal system. As part of this campaign, the natural constituency for an enlarged IRA system must be identified and welded into a coalition for political change. The second main element in our reform strategy involves what one might crudely call guerrilla warfare against both the current Social Security system and the coalition that supports it."

Make no mistake about it, Peter Ferrara's, and the Koch Brother's ultimate goal was to, and is to, end and eliminate Social Security because they absolutely loathe everything about Social Security.

You see, the reason republican's accuse democrat's of conspiring to undermine the, corporate industries/"the people", is because that is all they do in the, House of Representatives, is undermine the "actual" people/working-class.

The Clark/Koch Plan:

Abolish Social Security,
Abolish Welfare,
Abolish the Federal Reserve Board,
Abolish Minimum-Wage laws,
Abolish Corporate Taxes,
Abolish the FBI and CIA and, 
(so they can't investigate corporate cronyism)
Abolish limits on campaign spending
 (so they can buy the presidency)

"Under traditional principles of equity, therefore, the social security compact between the generations is unfair, immoral, fraudulent, and voidable."

~Peter Ferrara thoughts on Social Security in 1980.

And we could full a phone book cover to cover with even more scandals, whereas, the only real issue with the current administration is the Benghazi Incident, and the CIC's choice to bomb I.S.I.L. absent their approval. The Patriot Act and the War On Terror can only apply to wars for profit I guess?

Vote liberal, or vote democrat if you make under 165k a year!

Don't vote because those are more perfect parties or because they have a better sales pitch, vote for them simply to oust the meritocracy of the American Imperial Patrician Aristocracy!

Democratic Peoples of the World, Unite!!

No War, but Class War!!

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